The importance of knowing Your Soul essence and remembering your built-in faith

Dearest Readers,

As I have taken a huge break from the blog to channel write for my clients, so many beautiful lessons have emerged from each and every Letter From The Soul. I am so honored to be able to do this for the beautiful souls that come along my path and it is absolutely breath-taking to witness people from a Divine Lens for just about an hour of time, as that is about how long I can hold the channel open these days.

Whatever we are here to do or whatever we are here to be, matters. You matter. You matter way, way more than you are lead to believe. Our culture doesn’t exactly promote this feeling or knowing about ourselves, but I am here to tell you that it is imperative to realize just how much you matter in the matrix of this world and all the interconnections we have with one another. You matter to Mother Earth, the animal kingdom, the plants, humanity, cultural diversity, your family, friends, and even your neighborhood. You matter a lot.

Today I am being pulled to channel write about the importance of knowing your soul’s essence along with the sub-topic of remembering your built-in faith. This multi-topic post is one of those things that hits me at 3 am so I can listen without distraction. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I listen.

So, here we go and enjoy what my Divine Collective (guides, teachers, Yeshua, Mother Mary, deceased loved ones, Starseed Family, etc.) and Higher Self has to tell you. Blessings.

Dearest Beloved Souls,

It is our absolute joy and pleasure to share this very important message with you all. Some of you will receive the message, some of you will share it with others and some will pick this up from the collective conscious due to your highly sensitive empathic abilities, while others will simply already know. Firstly, we are here to talk about why it is crucial to understand your soul’s essence. Secondly, we want to dive into the FACT that you already have built-in faith.

First, we would like to start by saying that we are deeply concerned by your social media. There is an energy frequency of mindlessness to it. Of course there are some of you weaving in light energy and greater purpose into your posts or messages (and we are grateful for those), but for the most part we see the bombardment of social media numbing you to yourself and your deeper voice or knowing. We caution you that every time you spend hours scrolling through “reels” we see a massive decrease in vitality, creativity, sovereignty, along with mental and emotional strength. These “reels” are exactly that, but the are not a good representation of what is REAL. Who are you? Why are you comparing yourself so much to others? What happened to your originality? There is a great leveling down when you scroll. Can you feel your energy change? Can you feel your mind looking for the next “hit” of entertainment, judgment, and comparison? There is a major shift in your energy field and we want you to start being aware of this shift. Notice the difference you feel from being outside in nature walking, playing, riding a bike, etc. then coming inside to stare at your phone for hours. There is a palpable shift, can you feel it? Be mindful of this and ask yourself if this is the frequency you want to be feeling right now.

The more you indulge in mindless social media with it’s incredibly low vibration, the more you level down to match it. Your creativity is zapped. You forget who you are. You slip into a comma-like state unaware of what is going on around you. We want you to either set a timer for 5-10 minutes while engaging on social media scrolling or to remove it completely. You must take responsibility for this addiction and yes Beloved it can become an addiction because it mimics the dopamine feeling in your brain, but you have nothing to show for this. You literally become less instead of more.

When you find the need to dive into social media and “reels” we are gently asking you to stop and redirect that desire. Redirect that desire into getting to know your essence of your soul. It sounds much harder than it truly is. Start by taking deep belly breaths, to oxygenate your brain and heart, take many breaths until you feel the energy flowing and the clarity of mind coming back. Then we suggest getting creative and giving yourself time to allow your creative juices to flow. You encourage your children to color or make things with their toys, but where is your time to color? Where is your time to be creative simply just for your own pleasure? Honor your soul by giving it some time to communicate with you. You can make a playlist of all the songs that deeply resonate with you. You can write in a journal or create an electronic document and just start writing from your soul, or you can take a long salt-water bath while listening to high frequency, high vibrational music or tones. Play with a singing bowl, go into nature and breath deeply and listen to nothing and go alone, no talking to anyone either. Sit under your favorite tree and feel the gratitude and appreciation for that tree. Beloveds, this is not simply a request or a suggestion, but with what is coming in up in the collective, you are going to need these practices to get in touch with yourself more consciously. Stop giving your energy away to your phone. Your phone doesn’t give back, it only takes from your energetic field. Go inward. Go to a creative program and start designing your own personal avatar (with any graphic design program)! We love this one. Think about how you operate in the world then go and replicate this in an art form of you. Do this while listening to your favorite music. This is truly not a waste of time. scrolling “reels” most certainly is. It is not that we don’t appreciate the technology of social media, but it has been abused and what we see it is doing to your body and brain is damaging. It is pulling you backwards in many, many ways and numbing you to everything else around you so in affect you completely lose your ability to be present when you are engaged on your phone. We are asking to be present with yourself. Really dive in. Stop the mind-chatter with making this hard. Just start creating. Creativity is the gateway to understanding your Soul’s Essence. If you really need help you can ask our Channel to write you a Letter, but that is truly not needed because we want you to take the time to be with you. You are the key. You are the soul, and you will be greatly satisfied if you can just sit and do this for yourself. Keep asking, “Who am I?” Keep asking, “What am I?” Keep asking.

The increase in suicide is alarming to us and we see the disconnect within so many souls and shockingly so many young souls, and souls that have incarnated for the first time on earth. Some of these souls are “new souls” and we see how they completely lose themselves, fall down a deep rabbit hole of false narratives then cut the chord to their bodies. It is happening at an increasingly high rate and this is not what you came here for. These souls are falling into great “mind-numbing”, the loss of self love and most of all, meaning. This leads us to our second topic: remembering your built-in faith.

Beloved Ones, you don’t need to be religious to have a relationship with the word Faith. No one needs to tell you how to have faith or what to have faith in. Only you can answer that. Your temple, your church, your Basilica, your holy place is inside of you. You were born with a link (so to speak) from God to you. God would not send you to earth without a link. Due to free will, it is your choice to strengthen it or just know it’s there and listen. Many, many, many of you have lost your inner link or connection to your built-in faith. This faith, this knowing that you are part of something so much bigger is your anchor, Beloved. It is the anchor you have to weather the storm! It will get you through anything. The toughest, most painful life lessons are survived with your built-in faith. You were born with this. It’s not something you need to even learn. You are free to foster it and grow it in any way you please, like going to church or temple, BUT it is not necessary. Taking the time to be with yourself, to understand the infinite inner workings of your being is a big part to also embracing the faith link inside. You may be an atheist and you still have it. You may never go to church and you still have it. You may have been guilt-ed into thinking you’re a terrible person AND you still have it. Every single child of God has it. We are asking everyone to pay attention and learn to understand this link and to feel it. By getting to know your soul essence, you in affect start to feel something deeper inside of you. You are here to rely information, knowledge, experiences, love, hate, despair, loss, illness, sacrifice, power, wisdom and all of the above back to God. You can also use Mother Earth as a tool to help ground your inner faith in the Divine (or whatever you want to call it).

It’s imperative for your own mental health to be aware, love and know your bridge (faith) to God. The lessons on earth are hard for all of you. God doesn’t want you to believe that you are alone, forgotten, lost or neglected, it’s impossible. Not only does the faith help with your connection to God, but also with your legion of guides and even your higher self. It takes practice and there’s no right or wrong way to do this. Ask God to come into your life to help you show you the faith link. Ask God for anything. Start getting into the habit of co-creating with the Divine. The more you invite them in the more you feel a sense of being loved and looked after and you all need this feeling.

Blessings unto all of you. We bless you from our hearts and we love you,

Our Channel’s Higher Self, The Divine Collective, Yeshua, and Mother Mary


It’s me again and I think I just got schooled with watching too many Instagram reels!! I am not kidding. For the first time in the last month I have sat and watched reels for hours. I am not proud of this, but it was mainly to find the funny ones to get a good laugh. I get that they are fun to watch, but I also am acutely aware that it’s not good for me, but I ignored my feelings. I have such a powerful group of guides watching over me and wow, I guess they really don’t like how I have spent some of my time. Just when you think no one is watching or is aware of what you’re doing.

I do agree with all of this. I know it’s not always fun to sit with yourself, but this message has come through again, and again, and again. They are not asking you to meditate, just be with yourself in a quiet place and get to know you. I guess they think there is too much distracting us with our technology and well, they are right. There are tons of distractions and not enough playing or getting creative just for the sake of doing it. It doesn’t have to be for anyone, but yourself. I get this and I will be redirecting my energy better.

Just so you know, I wasn’t raised with any kind of religion (until I was 14). After my dad died, I became a Lutheran, but it never deeply resonated with me. I mainly laughed at all the cute boys in church and day dreamed. I even went to a religious college called St. Olaf and I made sure to avoid all the “chapel talks” during the day because I thought, “what’s the point?” and it was extremely boring to me. But even with my flat out rejection of the church and lack of interest in anything religious, I had this undeniable connection to something bigger inside of me. It was a bridge to bigger knowledge and knowing. It was my anchor. I can’t stand images of crosses as I find them a bit gruesome and they miss the mark of what Jesus or Yeshua was/is to us all. I really wish it was the symbol of an anchor instead, now that I could get behind. When I entered my 20s and had the biggest break up of my life, something inside of me got really curious and spirituality landed right in front of me, so I studied. I read all the books I could find, but then I stepped away from those books and let my inner guidance lead me, I guess that’s where I find myself today. There is nothing more I want to do than help people in whatever capacity I am supposed to do it in, and if that means helping people understand or just know about channeling and the power of it, then so be it.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Much love,


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  1. I love this story! Thank you habibtee for reminding us to really simple focus on our selves & get the hell off social media! I know some like it for entertainment but it can be very addicting.
    Miss & love you so much.

    1. Muna!!! I had no idea this was going to even be about this until I just relaxed and started writing. I thought it was going to unfold differently, but I am glad they were able to weave all three topics together!!!

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