Our intimate and personal relationship with nature

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Hello Beautiful Readers,

I was hit with a massive dose of inspiration today! I could see (in my mind’s eye) the downloads flowing like beautiful light codes onto my head this morning about our relationship to nature. The inspiration hit me instantaneously as I was having a conversation with my mom about our memories of specifics sounds we heard growing up as children and at my grandparent’s house in the countryside of Wisconsin.

Before I dive into the channeling that I received (and still receiving as I type), I want you to pay attention to those moments when you’re hit with inspiration while having a conversation with someone. If you believe that you are not able to receive downloads, guidance, divine inspiration and wisdom full of other worldly knowing, I am here to say, you’re incorrect. This is a universal ability. Unfortunately, most people haven’t paid attention closely enough (while using healthy discernment) to recognize when this is happening, BUT if you are lucky enough to notice it, write it down. Please write it down!! It can fall through your fingers so quickly and then you’ll talk yourself out of the truth of what it was. The mind is great, but it’s also your biggest problem when it comes to allowing wisdom to come through. Just remember to stop, take note, pay attention and run it through your heart, body/ mind, and spirit – all aspects of you need to evaluate the wisdom, but just let it flow and you’ll be amazed at what you get!

Before I leave the desert and head to my homeland of Minnesota, I want to share a post to hold you through the summer and all the adventures in nature you might be having. Keep this message in mind during your time outside. Try to remember the words shared! Print this out if you have to, but please remember. We are far too distracted these days. You owe it to yourself to be focused on a simple message to bring into your awareness as you enjoy the beautiful summer months right around the corner.

Much love to you and remember to take just some time to yourself to sit in nature this summer. Sit with Mother, be with her and let her take ALL of your stress, anxiety, fear, feelings of lack, depression, sadness, loneliness, and heartache away – SHE can do that, if you let her.

With love and peace,


“Dearest Beloved Readers,

It is our greatest joy and honor to connect with you and share some important aspects of your connection to nature with you now that the planet is entering the season of warmth, lush flora, and curious fauna. For many of you, it is a time of respite. It beckons the feelings of joy, play, and less stress. It is a break for all from our perspective. This is most certainly a time to look forward to any moments you can steal away to be with nature. We want this for you, and we want to help you increase these feelings of connection with nature as she is your greatest healer.

We ask you to visit your inner child. In your mind, pull back all those beautiful, innocent memories of you being outside as a child. Dig deep into your memory banks and bring the senses of those memories forward. Bring back the smells and the sounds in particular. Let your mind drift back to all the sensations that brought you a simple kind of wonderment. Remember the simplicity of the sounds. In the moment, it was just what was, but now as you excavate those memories they are so much more.

What brought you a sense of wholeness with nature as a child, and what brings that exact same feeling to you as an adult? Is it the lapping of gentle waves upon the dock at the lake? Is it the unique call of a specific bird that only sings when summer appears? Do you remember the smell of nature’s budding flowers and plants as they unfurl to welcome the warm rays of the sun? Is it watching the dandelions blow away their seeds in the breeze? Dig deep within your memories, and you will find that moment when you were suspended in time. You were connected. As you stared at the flower, as you watched the bumble bee dig around and pollinate, as you heard the call of the mighty loon echo across the lake at dusk. This Beloved, this is your soul’s intertwined connection to Mother Nature. You are literally stitched together in a beautiful DNA like strand with no end or beginning to your bond. You are ONE.

The birds actually have a very important role in your life; their calls bring you in. Their calls are designed to create a connection in your audio receptors deep within your emotional body. There is a frequency to it, and each of you have a bird call that does something to you inside. It evokes connection. It evokes connection that you can’t quite explain. This is a real connection Beloved and this is your opportunity within these words to deeply bring awareness to this relationship. You are one with nature on your planet. This is the evidence. The birds, the wind, the sounds and smells are some of the MOST powerful sensory experiences you can ever have with nature that only brings peace and love deep within your soul. You are nature just as much as your winged brothers and sisters are. You were designed to feel their frequencies! This is not just a nice feeling, it’s something deeply coded within you.

Sometimes you feel overwhelming joy when you hear and smell nature again, especially if you have been removed from the nature that specifically resonates with your unique essence. These feelings, these memories, these moments of DEEP CONNECTION are imperative to your health and well being. The sounds and smells of nature penetrate your outer layers of the body––they go much deeper and they are meant to. This is Mother’s way of creating a direct line of recognition and peace between you and nature.

Why do so many people long for quiet in nature? So they can connect. Whether you are aware of this or not, doesn’t matter, but your soul listens. It is like a loud beacon to your soul to draw you into the healing womb only nature and her creatures can provide. So many of you are yearning to go to your cabins or to go camping during the summer. There is a biological reason for this. This is natures way of balancing you after you have been in the human world too much, engaged on your human devices too long, void of any soul or essence.

Nature completes your inner balance. Nature restores your biorhythms. Nature gives you a gentle detox, and you yearn for it.

Does the smell of the ocean and the sound of seagulls evoke a deep connection to you and this beautiful planet you live on? It’s supposed to. It’s a system put in place so there is a sense of harmony between you and the planet, it’s personal. Only you know what sensory experience personally evokes this feeling for you, it’s personal and intimate. Maybe it’s the sound of hummingbirds, buzzing by or the glimpse of fireflies at night? What is your nature sensory blueprint? What grounds you so deeply to nature that you feel like it belongs only to you? What causes tears to flood your eyes of the deep appreciation and gratitude you have for the smallest things in nature? Is it the smell of rain? Maybe it’s the smell of soil before you plant your tomato plants for the summer? Do you see how you have a lot of your essence involved in this dance with mother nature?

She is here for you. She always has been. And like all things, she needs you to be in balance with her. Do not take too much. Do not build when there needs to be more open and wild nature, leave her be. If you keep building on beautiful land there will be no more beautiful land left to enjoy, so find balance with her.

Start you days in child’s pose and say, ‘thank you’ to HER. Feel the gratitude of the earth underneath you. Send her your love, for she loves you even when you think she’s gotten far too violent. It’s evolution and she must course correct herself to keep the balance. Enjoy your unity with her. Let the tears overflow with your love and appreciation for the birds, the breeze, the sounds of water, etc. It’s all for you to enjoy and to help restore you to your best self.

With love, peace and a shower of blessings to you all,

Our Channel’s Higher Self and the Divine Collective

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