How Your Light affects others

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Welcome back friends, I hope you had a wonderful summer!

While in a meditative state today, I was hit with an incredible download about our light. You don’t have to be spiritual or even aware of this aspect of yourself to know about it or understand it, it’s just naturally there simply because you are alive. Your light is an energy force (usually unseen) that comes from within. We all have a combination of light and dark, but for simplicity, let’s just focus on the light right now. Picture it as a force that surrounds your body and leaves a “residue” with others when you interact with them. This “residue” is left for a short time in all of the places that you have been as well. Your light is that unspoken radiation of your essence that leaves a message with others. You are completely unaware of it, but it radiates out of you with every single encounter you have. What you need to understand is that your light matters. Your light affects everyone and it is felt whether people are aware of it or not.

Have you ever had someone say to you, “I just feel better when I am around you!” or “Oh I have missed your energy so much!” or “I don’t know what it is but I just feel like I can tell you anything!” – This my friends is when you need to pay attention because your light is at work.

We all have a unique signature to our light as we are all so incredibly unique and specifically designed to be the way we are. In other words, no two lights are the same. Here is what my guides aka The Divine Collective along with my higher self have to say about our inner light. They are very excited to educate you on this topic, as it relates to everyone of every religion. If you’re alive, you have light! Enjoy.

Dearest Beloved Beings of Light,

We are overjoyed to take a deep dive into all things light within your being. There is actually nothing spiritual about having light. It is rather scientific and simply a bi-product of being human. You see, you carry God within you whether you like it or not. You were designed to have a very unique light signature that will either be recognized, liked or disliked by all you encounter. What we want to stress today is that it would do the world a great service if you actually became more purposeful with your light. Your light is very much like leaving “joy bubbles” around everywhere you go. It takes very little energy, like a simple smile and detached joy. It’s simple, not complicated and you could be dropping “bubbles” around to leave a place energetically better than before.

Your light, beloveds is powerful. Subtle energy can do more than overt energy. There is a gentle frequency to it, and since it’s not obvious,it makes it all the better and more easily received. However, you will have to check yourself and your energy. This will be your responsibility before you go anywhere. You can check yourself with deep breathing and grounding visualizations. Before you walk into your local grocery store, check your energy and find inner peace or joy for just a minute. Think about what kind of light frequency you want to leave behind.

If you are surrounded by people wrapped up in their unbalanced shadow, recognize this and bless them and be on your way. Your light, your energy, and your essence are all woven together in a braid of sorts and when you take the time to take responsibility for it, magical changes can happen within others. Someone else standing in your place in line might feel a little lighter or the interaction you have with the clerk may somehow show a lightened smile on their face (and yours).

Your light is a beacon of your essence. It is the invisible beacon that radiates outwardly into the world. You can choose to have it be positive or negative. We highly suggest that you focus on something positive like: Peace, Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Calmness, Balance, or Humility when it comes to resetting your energy. Fuse your inner light in your mind with one of these words for the day and call in your higher self to support you with this, see what happens.

You all have reached a time in your development where you have become too busy to be mindful. Now more than ever, you need to take responsibility for your energy and leave your beautiful light signature every where you go! Imagine our beloved ones, how wonderful it would be if you left your unique light signature around to help lift others up? Sound impossible? It’s not. What you emit sticks. We are asking all those who are willing to think about magnifying their light to have a stronger impact to those who you come into contact with.

We have seen what you have not. We have seen the positive and negative affects you have had on others either with your words, actions or energy; all three are valid, real and palpable. We urge you to be more mindful of your positive and negative energy.

Go out into the world, beloveds and share your light. Your light is here to stay, so why not make the most of it and literally make the world a better place with each bit of light you share? You are our light. You are brilliant to us. You radiate so much more than you can possibly realize. You are part of God (whether you believe it or not), you were designed to emit your own God frequency out towards others, and that is how you heal others. We are just asking you to be a little more responsible and a little more conscious of this Divine aspect about yourself and have fun with it.

Thank you for hearing this message today. Thank you for listening to that inner call to read this post. Thank you for holding a door open (just a crack) to listen to something more about the unseen that we know you have felt. You are precious to the world. You are precious to God, and you are precious to your entire lineage on the other side watching you and cheering you on. Now go ahead beloved, and let your “joy bubbles” float out of you and onto someone else to help brighten their day.

With love, reverence, peace and joy,

The Divine Collective and our Channel’s Higher Self

Here is some examples of ways to feel your light more or be more conscious of it:

  • Meditation will never steer you wrong. Do it. Stop ignoring it and just sit an be quiet for awhile and breathe deeply! If you can’t do it quietly, find a guided mediation and let it lead you into a freer mental space.
  • Ask yourself what are you made of? Sit down and write the answers, ask your higher self to come in and help reveal those answers.
  • Pay attention to your nervous system and emotions. What lights you up? What brings you a sense of peace and contentment?

*Just remember what you emit sticks!

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