Energy Field Maintenance

Hello Everyone,

I have been feeling a strong urge to write about clearing one’s energy field. As I jump from country to country and encounter so many different people, I tend to pick up lots and lots of energetic debris. From interactions with people to just being around the collective negativity, I have noticed a huge change in my overall happiness when I stop and take the time to clean up my energy field aka, “Energy Field Maintenance.”

We are magnetic in nature,even if we’re not aware of it, we are are absorbing all kinds of things that really don’t need to be bringing us down. Just like we would wash our clothes, or vacuum the carpet, we actually do need to clean our energy field.

This became incredibly apparent to me when I came back to Saudi Arabia after summer vacation in the U.S. Saudi is slow, dense, and structured in a way where expats don’t truly ever feel at home here, but we get by very comfortably. The biggest blessing to living in a slow environment is that it forces one to deal with oneself whether you like it or not. My soul and higher self push me into peace when I am here, the land does too (but that’s another blog post). Saudi equals peace in my body. My nervous system calms down. I relax on a cellular level. All systems close while other systems bloom open. I believe this is largely the reason why I came out with my channeling while living here as well as my Letters From The Soul offering. When you don’t have to be anywhere or do anything, you can find inner peace. Saudi does equal peace on some level for me, but that’s a personal relationship I have with the energies of this place, and that varies greatly for everyone else who lives here.

I am asking my guides to help bring forth wisdom with finding peace by learning to take responsibility in managing our energetic fields. To help leave behind what’s not ours and embrace what it is we want to feel (kind of like manifesting).

Who are you really? Are you the crabby person you project? Are you the impatient mother who is always annoyed? Are you the self-sabotaging and self-effacing person who says terrible things to themselves? Maybe those projections are really just about you carrying way, way too much baggage? It’s food for thought. Maybe you need to start imagining what peace would feel like and let go of all the stuff that doesn’t serve you.

We are not on earth for long and I have felt for a very long time that time itself is speeding up, so why not feel better on this short journey?

Dearest Beloved Souls,

You might be asking, “what is an energetic field?” This is a field around your body that is an outward radiance of your essence. You can take pictures of it, it has different colors based on your stress levels, happiness, peace, anger, and love. It is the you that that is a foot or more outside of your body and all you come into contact with, feel it. These energetic fields are like radiating sponges, they absorb all that is around them, and they emit energies towards others like little rays of light. It is different from your inner light as discussed in the previous post; your energetic field is external while your light is internal.

It’s important now more than ever to take time to be with you simply so you can feel better. No one on the planet knows you like you do. This is not just meditation, it’s a releasing or an active practice of releasing all of your pain bodies. Our favorite way is to go out into nature alone, but there are many, many other ways to help your your body release:

  • Burn palo santo wood, sweet grass, sage, dried vetiver twigs, dried cedar pine, copal incense, and frankincense.
  • Listen to singing bowls or play singing bowls
  • Release tones out of your throat and let it reverberate around you
  • Pray
  • Sit quietly and listen to nature from the inside of your house or outside
  • Play a Native American drum
  • Write gratitude lists
  • Imagine what peace (insert any word that you want to feel) would feel like in your body
  • Resist negative talk or judgemental thoughts for a day
  • Ice cold showers (especially in the heart center of your chest)
  • Spend a day listening without talking when with others (or maybe just an hour)
  • A sacred extra warm bath with Epsom salt, sea salt, organic apple cider vinegar, and baking soda, and sit for at least 30 mins in total darkness
  • Cry
  • Intense laughter
  • Nap
  • Yin Yoga
  • Calming music that lifts your spirit

You absorb way more than you could possibly realize. Energy field maintenance helps ward off repeating negative thoughts, actions, and projections. Keeping yourself clear is such a glorious act of self love and self care that you do become a much truer representation of your real essence the more you do this. The frequency is up to you, you may have to do this several times a day at first. Pay close attention to how you feel. Create a routine that works for you. The better you feel by maintaining your energetic field the better you attract the things you know are good for you also knows as the things you need.

You are energy just as much as you are physical. This is a radical concept that most people just haven’t gotten on board with. Our Channel has written about this over and over again because understanding this concept can greatly change your life for the better. What you digest in your mind and body becomes entangled within your energy, it’s all woven together like a strand of DNA. If you’re constantly absorbing without taking time for yourself to rest, cleanse, and ground, the following negative attributes can happen:

  • You are unable to uphold boundaries
  • You blame yourself for everything
  • You lose your joy of life
  • You take for granted all of the important people in your life
  • You become a very big victim
  • You blame everyone else for your pain
  • You have no tolerance for anyone or anything
  • You reach for your numbing tactics: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, food, sugar, caffeine, and processed foods (just to name a few)
  • You can’t maintain any kind of healthy physical discipline
  • You become codependent
  • You are angry all the time
  • You gossip constantly
  • You feel the need to dominate and control those around you (because deep down, you can’t control yourself)

We say, ‘maintenance can lead to happiness.’ You can make it look however you want to it to look. You know it is working when you have the ability to let go and feel inner peace or simply feel satiated with life. When you know all is is well, nothing is so bad or so (manically) good, just in the center.

With blessings and love,

Our Channel’s Higher Self, and the Divine Collective

I hope you this song will calm your nerves, make you sway and bring you grounded peace.

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