About Me, the DIVINE Scribe

Hello Friend,

First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding me. I am what you call the go-between or a bridge. I have one foot on earth and one foot in the spirit realm. I am a born intuitive, empath who channel writes the Divine Collective on the blog. You could say I am their divine scribe. The messages I write are for you. The messages are meant to: hold your hand when life gets tough; guide you when you’ve gotten off the path; remind you that there is something far bigger out there than us, and most of all; show you that someone loves you like you couldn’t possibly imagine (a Divine Parent).

I am also an Empathic Guide For Your Soul. This simply means that if you feel lost with who you are or feel that you need to deeply connect with yourself on a very sacred level, I created something called A Letter From The Soul just for you. It’s a very personalized, private emailed letter that gives you extremely deep insight into who and what you are (mainly from your highest self). Consider it a “slow reading” that keeps giving back to you weeks, months and even years later. These letters are very powerful and may need to be read many, many times over. There is no limit to how many letters you can receive. My only requirement is that you are open and ready to go into deeper consciousness. These letters may not resonate if this is the first time you’ve ever done anything of a spiritual nature or they may just pop you wide open! They are powerful.

Everything I write does NOT come from me. There is no possible way I could know any of the amazing insight that the letters provide or the blog posts I share. They speak in a cadence, tone and use a vocabulary that I don’t use in my every day life.

Come read or listen to their words on my podcast Soul Journey and blog.

If you want something very personalized, contact me at divinescribe@samantha-jackson.com for A Letter.

Thank you for coming here, I hope you find exactly what you need.

From my heart to yours,