The Void

Dear Readers, Before I begin I want to explain a little bit about the void. This is a time that we are in and have been in (for the 3rd time) since October. Think of the void as a major reset button. When astrologers talk about mercury retrograde, the void is like that, but ten […]

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“Death” Is Not Accurate

Dear Sweet Readers, I have had this topic burning inside my awareness for some time.  What spirit is going to say through me may be triggering, so please be ready.  These are not my words, but they are pushing SUPER hard to address a very big misconception.  I am extremely sensitive and aware of those […]

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The Gift of Debris

Dearest Beloved Souls, Your planet is going through a massive shift. From the spiritual realm we see the mental debris filling up all the space around you. The debris is comprised of your fear. It has many different layers to it, but it’s mainly all the thought bubbles that contain your worst thoughts, frustrations, rage, […]

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A Call To Presence

Beloved Ones, Now more than ever it is imperative that you reach to your inner calm and higher self to attune to your presence. Meaning, we don’t want you to worry about the future or past right now. Let it go. The Collective is CONSUMED with the future. Let go of trying to control the […]

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Get To Know Your Animal Totems

Hello Beloved Readers, This is not a channeled message, but rather a very important message about why figuring out your animals totems is so important to further understanding who you are. Once you move past your deeper connection to yourself, totems can further connect you to nature, and then the invisible world of spirit. What […]

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