Soul Journey Podcast


Samantha reads her channeled blog posts as well as interviews interesting souls from around the world. With decades of guided wisdom that has lead her to a life full of adventure from Madagascar to Saudi Arabia, she feels it’s time to share her guided wisdom with everyone. With an intense curiosity for all things spiritual, Samantha also sees the inner galaxy in people and wants to share their perspective on just about everything.

In today’s episode on Soul Journey (Ep:12) Life/Executive Coach Roshmi Dalal and I have an in depth conversation about resilience.  In our conversation, Roshmi tells us about her childhood and how it helped build her resilience, how she became a coach, how to grow our 3 core mental muscles, what saboteurs are and how they cause stress and keep you from recovering, as well as a 10 second exercise to activate the region of your brain where your greatest wisdom lies.  Whether you are battling internal or external struggles, you can always lean into your built-in resilience to help, and there are people like Roshmi who are there to guide us when we can’t get past our mental saboteurs or are just plain stuck.

Roshmi Dala is an ICF Executive Coach (ACC) and CPA who is passionate about helping people strengthen their mental resilience and self-command, while stepping into their full potential.  With years of experience in high-stress, corporate roles and overcoming a series of personal setbacks, she has successfully helped people overcome an array of challenges, including their inner critic, imposter phenomenon, burn out, conflict avoidance, major career/life transitions, and more.  Roshmi’s coaching methodology includes extensive positive and emotional intelligence training, a strengths based approach, resilience and accountability tools and mindfulness mastery, which all empower her clients towards achieving their goals and desired outcomes.

When life can be overwhelming with stress and change that you didn’t want, it’s important to have perspective. Listen to Amy’s perspective on all things challenging. It’s impressive, positive, and so inspiring.

Just when you think there is no room for spirituality with Islam, Fatinah explains how the two are interwoven together. She also gives us some background about who she is and what she realized about herself at a young age.

Listen to what my guides have to say about Resilience. Maybe you haven’t thought about it much or maybe you are well aware of how you have survived so much in your life. This is an important message for everyone right now. **Stay tuned for another episode going even deeper into Resilience with a very special guest!

In this long awaited episode, Samantha explains briefly why she has taken a break (The Great Pause). She was inspired to connect to her soul to come up with answers with how to deal with all the negative news right now and the answer was her channeled blog post, Holding The Peace. This post is intended to help everyone with trauma, anxiety, PTSD, and hopelessness. She does not address politics, but would rather give you tools to help weather the storm of negativity. Enjoy Holding The Peace.

Connecting to your soul can give you incredible insight into your life! If you can’t do this, I will be developing an offering where I hear your soul for you, write it down, and send you a Letter From The Soul. In addition to this, I mention the book The Freedom Transmissions: A Pathway to Peace, there is a link in the blog or go to Amazon to order – This book is a game changer. Thank you for listening to Soul Journey and please share with friends!

Find out what this means and why it’s so important in enhancing our relationships and dissolving anger.

There is more to our legacy then we realize. Our energy never leaves the planet! Our legacy can actually seed the planet with our essence forever. Listen to the thought provoking guidance I received. From my heart to yours.

Sometimes we think love is just a feeling we have, but sit back and listen to what my guidance has to say about Love because it might surprise you.